Allow me to introduce myself.

What’s in name? In a word, everything.

Choosing a name for my blog had to convey who I am and what I do. It had to hint at my goals for this page and whisper my mission. It had to speak volumes.

I came to Modern Ms. Edison by chance, but I knew immediately it was, it is, me.

There is a much exaggerated and fictionalized story floating around social media about Thomas Edison and his mother. While the story was told with creative license the heart of it was true. Mrs. Edison pulled her son, called by some “addled”, out of public school. After years of homeschooling and his mother’s ferocious advocacy he entered adulthood and ultimately became one of history’s greatest minds. I was immediately drawn to her and given renewed hope.  I would love to know more about her, but history records her in margins of Thomas’s life. But I know enough. 

She is my spirit animal.  I am her.

Modern Ms. Edison & her Little One after a particularly rough meltdown.

I look forward to the day that my legacy is my son — a child diagnosed as moderately autistic with Sensory Processing Disorder, steps out into the world equipped by his mother’s homeschooling and ferocious advocacy to become great. I see it. In her life she laid out the roadmap. 

So now I work. I grapple with homeschooling, biomedical interventions, diets, therapies, discipline, work-life balance, being a resource to other special needs moms, sensory overload and a house full of pets.  As autism towers over us and I circle it in prayer knowing that each day His grace is sufficient, and I am taking my son back.

Autism Schmautism. 

I am moving this mountain. 

I am Modern Ms. Edison. And I am glad you are here.

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